Termites Infestation

Termites Infestation In North Texas- A Hectic Factor!

Termites are wood-eating insects with over 2100 different species around the world. Most of these species are found in the region of North Texas and Dallas in the United States. Termites cost millions of dollars in damage only in the US every year. Although insurance plans do not cover most of the damage, the general public faces the consequences. These wood-eating insects are mostly seen in the spring season; however, they are often found in other seasons. Texas’s average temperature is around 70 degrees; this provides comfortable moisture and humidity for termites infestation. So, even if you don’t have termites in your house, your house is still at risk for termite incursion when the weather is warm.

Groups of Termites

Various groups of termites have different characteristics. Some of them are based on:

● Size The average size of almost all species of termites is around ½ and ¼ inch. The large size goes up to 1 inch. For example, the Subterranean termites are much smaller than the Drywood and Dampwood termites.

● Bodies Termites don’t have three different body segments like ants but have only two body parts. Their bodies are soft, and unlike ants, they have straight antennae.

● Colour, The color of these insects varies from light brown to white. The swarmer termites are found to be darker, whereas worker termites are much more delicate.

Termites are the insects somewhat similar to ants that live in a Social Class. This caste system divides termites into different groups:

● Workers
● Soldiers
● Swarmers

Termites in Dallas

The termites in North Texas and Dallas are usually Subterranean Termites. These termites build tunnels inside your walls to travel between their underground nest and food. The worker termites build tunnels for finding food. At the same time, the soldier termites are responsible for protecting the worker and the whole colony. As for the swarmer termites, they are the only group that can reproduce to start new colonies.

Termites Inspection

A termite inspection in Texas is essential as it could cause more damage than floods or fires. For the last few years, it’s costing millions of dollars every year in the US. Ordinary people cannot notice several signs as termites travel while staying hidden inside your house walls. Subterranean termites usually prefer the method of pencil seized mud tubes to travel. These termites could not survive without high humidity and moisture levels, so they travel inside wood or mud tubes to protect their bodies. You may not notice these tubes around the walls, even if there’s any infest termite structure in your house. Termites in North Texas and Dallas are to be found in each 1 out of 10 homes. If somebody is not appropriately treating these houses within time, the damage may increase further. You can approach any termite inspection team around you that provides complete inspection and treatment.

How to Get Rid of Termites?

Although you can’t prevent termite incursion entirely on your own, by following these precautions, you might reduce the damage and keep them out:

● Remove every blockage around your home so that your walls are more exposed to direct sunlight, which will make the environment less productive and comfortable for termites.
● The leaks in your walls could attract the wood-eating termites. Fix every leakage around your house to get rid of Termites.
● Ensure there is no distortion in your gutter system because water build-up could also cause termite incursion.
● Clear all of the debris from your yard. Repair or replace the damaged wood as it is more attractive to termites.
● Remove every piece of wood that is water-damaged.
● Cut Off the contact between soil and wood around your house.
● Don’t forget to dry out damp basements properly. You can do that by using dehumidifiers.
● Seal every opening in doors, windows, and trunks by placing weather-stripping.
● Properly check every new wood item before taking into your house to make sure there’s not any termite incursion already on it.

Even though these precautions can prevent the damage for the time being but aren’t a permanent solution. Termites travel while staying hidden, so you might not realize their invasion. The best way is to contact some pest control professionals around your area. They will provide you with complete termite monitoring and permanent treatment. If you are living in Dallas or North Texas in that case, Action Pest Services offer the best pests control solutions in North Texas. They work with one of the most skilled and experienced professionals.