Rodent Removal


Action Pest Services takes care of rat and mouse issues using good common since methods that are safe and most effective for all their customers. Each situation that is caused by these rodents requires different methods. Action Pest Services inspects and puts together treatment methods that will best take care of each specific rat or mouse situation, so that they can be sure to take care of the immediate problem and prevent future problems. When treating for rats and mice you want to make sure that you know what you are dealing with, roof rats, Norway rats, field mice, house mice so that it is done efficiently and effective. Don’t waste money on unproven tactics. Action Pest Services will make sure to stop entry of rodents and population of rodents and trapping and or removal of rodents in or around the home. Action Pest Services just needs a call 214-731-0290 or email from you requesting your free inspection to control the rat or mouse issues at your home. Have a blessed day.